Amber Rose pulls the long red dress


In all circumstances Amber Rose loves to be sexy and feel watched, and there is no doubt that the men of the supermarket had eyes for her yesterday.

Amber Rose pulls the long red dress
Amber Rose

Again couple after separating from the father of her son, Wiz Khalifa , Kanye West’s ex does not refuse as long as other men are watching and judging by the outfit she donned just to fairs go shopping, it looks like that’s exactly what she’s looking!.

Often accused of copying Kim Kardashian yesterday afternoon, the lovely Amber Rose has once again proved that she had nothing to envy to the reality TV starlet level big booty ! She was spotted in a Ralph’s supermarket in Los Angeles, accompanied by her mother in a long red dress with leopard! You said seeing? Never!
I feel Sexy When I’m naked – Amber Rose

In her sexy body molded in this outfit, the mother of the adorable little Sebastian had added a rock touch by wearing a vintage leather jacket, and good star, she had not taken her big sunglasses inside store.

Obviously, the young woman is a fan of Mexican food if we are to believe the contents of his truck.

View photos in Gallery below and tell us if you find that this dress is a little too much just to go shopping or whether it does not shock you!.


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