I am afraid of divorce – Genevieve Nnaji


The fantasy of each lady is to discover a man to go through her whole existence with. Indeed the Holy religious books have urged men and ladies, to search one another out and live together as man and wife. Yet as excellent and straightforward as this may sound, marriage has long gone from being a basic thing on a menu, it has turned into an undertaking, as discovering a genuine life accomplice has ended up as troublesome as discovering a needle in a pile. It is especially more troublesome for the womenfolks as they must be proposed to.

Genevieve Nnaji topless - backless black girl
Genevieve Nnaji

As freed as our general public is currently, it is elusive a lady that would make a special effort to propose to a man. The standard is the other path round. Along these lines, for a lady, holding up to get a marriage proposal may me as sure as sitting tight for the notorious hen to play a brilliant egg. It doesn’t need to do with excellence, riches or status, or else all the Nollywood divas would have been since a long time ago hitched before they hit their 30s. Why are these women still single notwithstanding their relative opulence and excellence? Meet some of Nollywood singles in their 30s, 40s still single and why: Despite most likely being the most mainstream name in Nollywood, actress Genevieve Nnaji is yet to discover a man to call her own. One name that has been connected to the pretty actress is that of the self acclaimed ‘Koko expert’, D’banj.

The Imo State-conceived screen diva is a single parent who uncovered in a question that she is still single in light of the fact that she is anxious about separation. “On the off chance that I get hitched, I truly need to stay wedded and staying wedded is not a simple thing. It implies you are totally tuned in to your accomplice. It implies you have discovered your perfect partner in light of the fact that you will must have the capacity to stand a ton of disillusionments that would without a doubt come however on the other hand you need to figure out how to overlook,” she said.


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