YouTube removed Latin Boobs, controversial trade against breast cancer


Since being uploaded to YouTube , the most popular video website in the world, the trade of a clinic that seeks to prevent breast cancer was doomed. Whoever try to look there, you will not found.

YouTube removed Latin Boobs, controversial trade against breast cancerThe name Latina Boobs (Tits Latina), the video showed a woman undressing slowly up to show her breasts. Then a man, with wet hands, begins to touch her ​​breasts.

While it appears to start as a pornographic film, this is an instructional video to show how a man can help his partner to detect breast cancer in two steps.

YouTube suggests that the video “has been removed due to a” violation of the terms of service ” .


Help your partner against breast cancer. This is not an erotic video, on the contrary, you just learn the test to prevent this terrible disease.

The breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide . 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime so it is important to know the symptoms to diagnose it early.

Initially, no symptoms but later may occur: swelling of the breasts, irritation or redness of the skin, pain, changes in nipple or discharge, and / or mass or lumps in the breast or near the armpits.

To detect breast cancer in your family, you need to follow the following steps:

Step No. 1: The observation

Look closely at any foreign boss, retraction of the nipple or the skin is excessively porous.

Step # 2: Palpation

Before examining it is recommended to increase wet hands touch sensitivity. With fingertips inspects the center out repeatedly and radially to cover the entire breast.

Finally inspects the axillary area where the lymph.

If you notice some constant tumeración go to a doctor, find your partner and apply.