Topless Girls claim that kidnapped priest (Video)


FEMEN Paris- The group released a video on his Twitter account that looks at three of its members, topless and wearing only trousers, allegedly kidnapping a priest and lead him to force a car to allegedly kidnap .

He noted that the action is in protest against the visit of Pope Francisco to Parliament on 25 November and is believed to be part of a promotional campaign.

The video shows how women, always with naked torso, put a hood over the priest and they put it roughly into a car. The priest was talking to a girl wearing a blue coat with hood when, suddenly, is to close a dark car and FEMEN members leaving the vehicle.
Topless Girls claim that kidnapped priest (Video)
The activists seize the priest arm and push in the car, while one member puts a dark jacket on the head. The word ‘FEMEN’ is clearly visible on the backs of women.

“God is not a magician / Papa is not a politician,” says a FEMEN video message.

The group claims to be defending secularism against “attacks the Vatican.” In a message accompanying the video on Facebook, the group accuses the Vatican and the Pope of “criminal religious occupation of Europe”, adding that the invitation to the Pope by the EU Parliament makes this organism in “enemy of secularism and freedom “.

“We promise to treat our hostage well and provide all you need, while in our hands / breasts. Unlike religion, feminism is peaceful!” FEMEN writes. Currently, it is unknown whether the kidnapping and the same priest are real.

So far no complaint of alleged abduction and religious identity.

The radical women’s activist gathering Femen has discharged a feature purportedly demonstrating the grabbing of a cleric in challenge against a booked visit by Pope Francis to the EU parliament.

In the footage, discharged by the bunch’s French limb, a priest is persuasively pushed into an auto by three topless activists wearing balaclavas.

An announcement going hand in hand with the unstable recording, distributed on social networking, claims the snatching is true. However the cleric’s cool response and the nature of the feature propose something else.

“We took our first prisoner to shield secularism against assaults of Vatican, the greatest religious mafia leaded by Pope,” Femen composed on its Facebook page.

“We are prepared to discharge the minister once our requests are fulfilled.”

The gathering guaranteed they won’t discharge the indicated cleric unless Pope Francis’ official visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 25 November is wiped out.

“We guarantee to treat the prisoner well and furnish him with everything that is vital while he is in our grasp/breasts,” Femen said. “Not at all like from religion [sic.], woman’s rights is quiet”.

Ibtimes UK reached Femen and its pioneer Inna Shevchenko however nobody was accessible for a remark.

The feature has drawn feedback from web clients aggravated by what they say is the delineation of an illicit demonstration of brutality.

Femen has focused on the Catholic Church over and over with disputable PR stunts.

A week ago, three topless demonstrators were dragged far from St. Diminish’s Square at the Vatican, in the wake of recreating butt-centric sex with crosses in a challenge against Pope Francis’ affirmed intruding with legislative issues.

Other Femen activists were as of late vindicated over a topless dissent in Paris’ Notre Dame house of God inh February 2013, in light of the news that Pope Benedict XVI was to stop as leader of the Catholic Church.

The activists stripped to their pants and uncovered their bosoms, dazzling spectators at the heavenly site.

They showed messages scribbled in pen over their bodies, for example, “pope no more”, “spared by the chime” and “bye Benedict”. A portion of the Femen parts were punched in the face by furious Catholics before being escorted out of the congregation by security stuff.

After the Femen exhibit, a 78-year-old conservative creator shot himself in the mouth before the stately table at Notre Dame in the wake of posting on his blog a dooming evaluate of the same-sex marriage bill, and called for “dynamite and typical activities [to] stir still, small voices”.