Tila Tequila scandalous, breast feeding is social [PHOTOS]


The controversial actress has become a mother November 18 last year, now shows on Facebook breastfeeding the little Isabella Monroe.

Tila Tequila scandalous, breast feeding is social
Tila Tequila scandalous, breast feeding is social

The controversial actress Tila Tequila has become a mother November 18: was born Isabella Monroe Nguye. The star of MTV has well told on social networks throughout her pregnancy , step by step, not leaving anything. As if nothing had happened, he continued with his provocative shots, showing her lush tits and her belly: their breasts were his fortune, those with which it is able to realize the reality show, discs and also, recently, sextape “Amateur” sold to the highest bidder. Now that has become a mother, does not want to become chaste and as consistency wants, has also posted pictures of breastfeeding. We darkened the face of the child

(and breast) for obvious reasons, but on social picture was met with positive messages and not with the usual criticism. For once, his exhibitionism seems to have paid off.

I have every intention of being a great mother to my little warrior princess, who can see how much shit has already had mandar his mother in life. I know for sure that I will be urging, because to be honest I really appreciated my entire pregnancy.
Tila Tequila was born in Singapore, from parents Franco-Vietnamese, but moved to the US, in Houston, when he was only a year. On the internet there are many legends about his turbulent childhood: at age of eleven test the heroine, thirteen and fourteen starts drinking is sent to boarding school, a year after doing the first tattoo and begins to smoke, sixteen runs in New York. It was there that, by chance, Tila is discovered by an agent of Playboy. Thus began his career and is his nickname, Tequila. Curiosity wants to end Tila is totally allergic to alcohol, he discovered when after a hangover, lost consciousness and risked his life.