love drive me to pose naked – Desire Luzinda


Uganda singer sex siren Desire Luzinda has only uncovered to Heads Up that she laments posturing nude. The singer’s portraits were professedly discharged by her Nigerian ex, Franklin Emuobor. “Whatever I can say is that I was dumb to have permitted him to take those photographs yet I did it because of affection.
love drive me to pose naked - Desire Luzinda
I was profoundly infatuated with him around then and I didn’t ever think he can be so youthful to discharge the pictures,” says Luzinda amid a telephone meeting. The singer includes that the ex discharged the pictures after she chose to end their relationship.

“It harms a considerable measure when somebody you cherished and trusted does that to you. I am a solid lady and I plan to leave this circumstance stronger.” In the first picture, Luzinda can be seen holding her boobs while making a V sign on her pubic range.

The second photograph was taken from behind, uncovering her bends while in the third photograph, she spreads her legs and opens up her unobtrusiveness for all to see. The resentful ex additionally discharged a three moment feature of them engaging in sexual relations. Franklin, then again, has blamed the well proportioned singer for undermining him with a string of men. He posted their names nonsocial media, saying Luzinda has been resting with, Frank an auto agent, John S, Toniks, Seya, an alternate John, Chris, Ben, and a lot of people more. “That is a ton of hogwash.

In what capacity would it be able to try to be conceivable that a lady can rest with that numerous men? I was raised to be a capable lady, and hopping into men’s cots isn’t my main event,” said Luzinda. Nonetheless, Desire’s issues appear to be not to be over. It is claimed that Uganda’s State priest for Ethics and Integrity Simon Lokodo needs her imprisoned for making and conveying obscene feature.