Russell James Portfolio: 35 women nude photos include Adriana Lima, Rihanna, Martha Hunt and Lily Aldridge


Supermodels are acclaimed for looking incredible when they’re just about Nude. Turns out they look really great when totally naked, as well.

Russell James Portfolio: 35 women nude photos include Adriana Lima, Rihanna, Martha Hunt and Lily Aldridge  1
Russell James – angel nude photo

Photographic artist Russell James makes that point — more than once! — in his most recent book, “Heavenly attendants,” the fourth in his arrangement of foot stool tomes about the Earth’s most excellent places, things and, most gainfully, ladies.

James has shot a lot of sexy pictures through the years, however he’d never done a full volume enlivened by nakedness — not that the general population hadn’t been getting out for it.

“I’ve had a colossal measure of solicitations to do something that was entirely centered around the nude,” clarifies James, who has shot top Victoria’s Secret ability for different crusades, however the unmentionables organization is not the distribute of James’ book.

His notoriety and earlier work got him in the entryway — or, all the more precisely, the boudoir.

“I was blessed enough to have picked up the trust of many individuals,” he says of the 35 ladies who postured in their birthday suits, including symbols of female magnificence, for example, Gisele Bündchen, Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima and even Rihanna.

The greatest test, James says, was not getting Lima and Klum to stance naked. Rather it was getting an arrangement of pictures that the models themselves were fulfilled by.

“The greatest prize for me is the point at which the subject of the photos says she is content with the pictures,” he clarifies. “I don’t need anybody to believe that they simply uncovered themselves to the Polaroid for no specific reason. Rather, they ought to comprehend that for a minute in time, I caught something excellent.”

All that excellence spreads out over 300 brain adjusting pages.

There’s Martha Hunt, the American model from North Carolina who gives the Polaroid a come-here gaze as she does a pushup on the floor. Her arms conceal her bosoms and the photograph is edited just past the begin of her back. Anyway one thing is clear — this exquisite youthful thing is not wearing any garments.

Furthermore there’s Lily Aldridge, a model from California dressed somewhat more humbly — in a couple of battle boots. It’s not clear which war she is going to battle in, however she is unmistakably prepared for the fight to come.

Search for supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, who trims a striking assume that is to the extent that as it is tissue. Her long Brazilian locks blow surrounding her staggering face and lips, also everywhere on her naked breasts.

Also those were simply the indoor shots. The outside photographs, taken in stylish places that obviously don’t have laws against open nakedness, incorporate a sexy shot of Keir Alexa on the top of a Miami building. The shot peculiarities an Alexa, a leaning back seat, a couch, a couple of high-heel shoes and very little else.

All the models have their look and style — and all the shots are astonishing. However James concedes that just his eye caught everything.

“These ladies are much more wonderful in genuine than in the photos,” he says. “I would say my photographs under-convey on the excellence of these ladies.”

The uplifting news is you needn’t bother with an icloud glitch to delight in these nude photos. You just need $200. Anyhow the high cost is supported — James utilizes the benefits from his business work to help his “Traveler Two Worlds” venture, which he established to praise the indigenous native society in his local Australia.