I Won’t people see me Naked Again- Ghanaian actress Kisa


Ghanaian actress, Kisa Gbekle, has apologized for sharing her semi nude photo and sexually suggestive photographs on some online networking stages after months of supported open bashing. The adolescent actress and musical performer as of late stood out as truly newsworthy with her semi nude photographs out in the open area. She endeavored to offer clarifications to defend the photographs by contrasting them with comparable ones by world star, Rihanna.

Ghanaian actress Kisa naked

Kisa had contended by then that if the Ghanaian excitement media had no issues with semi nude photographs of American artist Rihanna, then she had each right to take same photographs and distribute them without culpable the media.

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In any case, Kisa made a u-turn on Wednesday and took to online networking to apologize for distributed her half-naked photographs and made a guarantee to she would from now on “be of a decent conduct”. “Never again will I be a terrible young lady. I guarantee on my honor to be steadfast and dependable to my kin.

No all the more awful pictures… lol (laugh uncontrollably) yet check instagram now kisagbekle,” she said on facebook. In the mean time the actress, practically instantly after the post, transferred an alternate “wild” photograph of herself on instagram. Kisa is known for her execution in various movies including the TV arrangement, The Miser. She was toward the end in the news over her dubious Twerk music video.