Mom caught having sex with her 19yrs old Son in Murang’a


A 19-year-old boy is battling for his life at the Murang’a District Hospital after he was beaten by furious villagers for licking his father’s nectar container.


The standard two dropout, who makes due through manual employments bound his stepmother’s drinking water and had sex with her while the father was out.

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A neighbor who went to the lady toward the evening to keep an eye on her got the stun of her life after she discovered the kid caught up with making adoration to her.

She surged outside and bolted the avenue to ensure that he didn’t escape. His father was educated and together with different neighbors provided for him a puppy’s beating.

The zone manager interceded and saved him from the swarm which was baying for his blood.

The two are conceded at Murang’a District Hospital.