Actress Seyi Hunter Is Virgin, She Know Nothing About Sex


At the point when Afrocandy pop singer, Adokiye pronounced she was a virgin in an interview with Vanguard’s as of late, many thought she could potentially be the final one of the virgins in the Nigerian stimulation industry.

Actress Seyi Hunter is virgin, she nothing about Knocking 1
Anyway it appears to be there are others, no less than one different, as an alternate performer, Seyi Hunter has turned out to pronounce she is a virgin also. read her visit with Vanguard beneath:

What’s your perspective on pornography in the business?

So far I’ve not done any pornographic film and I’ve not gotten any pornographic script. Imagine a scenario where you were asked to, right. Let that time start things out. When I get to that extension, I would cross it.

Can you go nude in a film?

I can’t go stark nude in any film. I can’t even strip naked before anyone.

Would you have sex in a film?

We don’t have genuine sex in films, its make-accept, we don’t do the genuine article. I can kiss,smooch and touch. It’s my occupation, there’s nothing difficult about it and it closes there, it doesn’t go past the Polaroid.

Is it true that you are seeing someone?

Yes. I was pulled in to him as a result of the way that he’s conceived once more, riches me with blessings and puts my needs before his own.

Sex and cash, which is more critical to you seeing someone?

I don’t know anything about sex, I’m a virgin. Cash is more paramount to me seeing someone.