Triangle love story – 3 Nigerian Women Arrested Cause of Fighting Over a man in Lagos


A twofold dater recognized as Folarin Tayo has put his sweethearts into inconvenience after they got included in a physical fight in an offer to have him to themselves.

triangle love story - 3 Nigerian Women Arrested Cause of Fighting Over a man in Lagos 1

The holy book verse which states that in the most recent days, 7 ladies will stick to small time is continuously happening.

37-year-old Joy Morkoha, 26-year-old Blessing Ugboh and 25-year-old Tina Osakwe are presently chilling off in jail after they were accussed of bringing about open aggravation for battling over a man openly.

Ijeshatedo Magistrate court judge, Mrs F.o Abegunde requested them remanded in jail.

The trio were captured at Shobowale Street in Ilasa region of Lagos state a week ago and accused of irritating open peace.

The man that brought about the battle allegedly dated the three covertly without any of them knowing.

This proceeded for at some point untill they got to know and couldn’t bear it.

A fight broke out among them when they uncovered and each of them needed to have Tayo to themselves.

A recommendation by one of them that they ought to proceed their mystery association with Tayo was repelled by two other ladies who demanded having him to themselves.

This brought about a battle among the ladies. They harmed each other throughout the battle before a police watch group mediated and took them to Olosun division where the police endeavored to settle the matter peaceably. The exertion of the police likewise yielded no positive come about as each one demanded to have Tayo.

Mrs F.o Abegunde conceded them safeguard in the aggregate of N50,000 with one surety in like entirety however none of the suspects could satisfy the safeguard condition.

They have been remanded in jail guardianship as the matter was deferred till June sixteenth, 2014. Ladies and men palava!!!