‘Free Love Club’ South Africa’s Most Popular 11 Sex Scandal


A sex club at Stellenbosch University got even Hendrik Verwoerd’s wife Betsie Schoombie furious when it was uncovered that 12 female learners structured a ‘free love club’ called the 12 Apostles.

'free love club' South Africa's most popular 11 sex scandal 1

The destination of their club was to have however many adoration illicit relationships with male people as could reasonably be expected.

The young ladies had a log book each, in which they would keep a record of their sexual adventures. As indicated by the Sunday Times, the male learners were separated into classes and every given a specific number of focuses.

Doing the deed with a Theology learner would get you five focuses, while an undertaking with a restorative understudy would get you four focuses. A designing person would get two focuses, while an expressions scholar earned one and only point, and the rest were avoided.

The young ladies were inevitably asked to leave the college after the club went to the consideration of the school’s powers.

Jacob Zuma assault assertions (2005)

President Jacob Zuma was in the last place anyone would want to be and the dock in 2005 when an assertion of assault was laid against him.

Zuma – who was then South Africa’s delegate president – was blamed for assaulting a lady who was a visitor at his house. The outrage went from awful to more terrible when it rose that Zuma was mindful that his informer was HIV-positive.

Throughout the trial, Zuma conceded to having unprotected sex with the prosecutor, however guaranteed he washed up a while later to cut the danger of contracting HIV.

The remarks sent the media into a craze, rousing sketch artist Zapiro’s notable yet notorious shower head delineation, that has went with the president in the social analyst’s toons after.

Zuma was discovered not liable of assault by the court in May 2006. A year later his prosecutor was allowed haven in the Netherlands.

Sex test debilitated for the Lolitas of the Vaal (1981)

The residential community of Parys in the then Orange Free State was shaken by its own particular sex outrage when eight men were indicted under the Immorality Act for having intercourse with minors.

Folks in the town dreaded their girls would need to experience virginity tests.

The embarrassment was revealed when a 14-year-old chose to sort her 21-year-old sweetheart a letter throughout her writing class. In it she stood up to him on his disloyalty while she was away on an excursion to Bloemfontein.

At the point when the educator asked to see what she was composing, the embarrassment was publicly exposed.

One of the schoolgirls accumulated an arrangement of all the sexually dynamic young ladies at the school, and the vital began to “dispose of all the spoiled fruits in the school”.

One of the young ladies told the Sunday Times that things like this happened in light of the fact that there was nothing better to do in the town.

Free State Lolitas (1983)

Residential community Lolitas were busy once more, this time in Odendaalsrus in the Free State.

A “Lolita” is a young person participating in sexual exercises with a more seasoned man, made celebrated by the 1955 novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.

The mining town was stunned when seven men were declared guilty having intercourse with young ladies under 16. Some were even as junior as 11 in dagga-fuelled sex frolics close to the town library.

One of the sentenced men said the court would have been excessively little on the off chance that they charged everybody included.

The scene of the unlawful pill taking and lovemaking was straight out of a Madonna feature, with youngsters heading to their neighborhood roller-skating arena to live on the wild side.

The Sunday Times article charged that the men would lure youngsters with alcohol and cigarettes, while others didn’t need alluring and would suggestion more established men.

The town’s Dominee reprimanded feature motion pictures for the outrage.

“To my brain, feature movies have assumed a bigger part in adulterating the young.”

The men were obliged to pay a R180 fine every or go to prison for 60 days.

Mamphela Ramphele and Steve Biko (1969)

Lobbyist and legislator Mamphela Ramphele expounded on her issue with Black Consciousness Movement pioneer Steve Biko in her life accounts.

Mamphela Ramphele – A Life and Mamphela Ramphele: A Passion for Freedom detail how the two met and became hopelessly enamored.

Ramphele composed that she thought that it was troublesome to oppose Biko’s developments, bringing about an adoration triangle between Biko, his wife Ntsiki Mashalaba, and Ramphele.

Ramphele had a youngster with Biko while he was still wedded at the time.

Sex over the shade line did something that will go down in the history books in Excelsior (1970)

In the residential area of Excelsior in the Free State five men depicted as ‘heading natives’ were captured under the Immorality Act for having intercourse over the color line.

One of the charged was a neighborhood Nationalist Party secretary and the other three were well-to-do agriculturists.

The fifth man, Johannes Calitz, a town councilor, shot himself in the wake of being discharged on safeguard.

The body of evidence against the men and ladies was withdrawn when the ladies declined to give confirmation for the state.

As indicated by the Sunday Times, the court could have constrained the ladies to give proof against the men, yet it would have needed to provide for them reimbursement against indictment.

The administrator of the United Party, Michael Mitchell, told the Sunday Times that the case put the state in a problem.

“There would have been an open objection against the utilization of African ladies to convict white men thusly,” he told the paper.

Parts of the National Party inside parliament put weight on the minster of equity at the time, Petrus Pelser, to take a delicate line taking care of business regarding this issue.

The case prompted a lot of people inside parliament and outside calling for a cancelation of the Immorality Act. The boycott on interracial sex was lifted in 1985.

The pastor’s relationship (2013)

Dina Pule, the previous interchanges priest, was involved in an embarrassment when she attempted to conceal her issue with specialist Phosane Mngqibisa.

Mngqibisa was paid R6 million in administration expenses for the ICT Indaba after Pule’s area of expertise evidently constrained the gathering coordinator to contract him.

The embarrassment included global excursions, red Christian Louboutin shoes and missing millions.

Wine schoolgirls and tune (1982)

A winter occasion course transformed into a week of steamy party at the University of Cape Town.

The Engineering Winter School was a course for Matric understudies to go to on the off chance that they were intrigued by getting to be specialists.

Be that as it may the schoolgirls and young men were presented to the opposite side of school life, which included drinking into the early hours and as per the Sunday Times, ‘nights of temptation and melody’.

Two of the scholar coordinators who were answerable for dealing with the schoolchildren were fined R360 and R70 – the recent, as per the articles, was on account of he “dozed with a Matric young lady yet didn’t make adoration to her”.

The Boesak issues (1990)

In 1984, Dominee Dr Allan Boesak was blamed for having an unsanctioned romance with a white lady who was a worker of the South African Council of Churches. The

‘Romeo Dominee’ later conceded to calling it an “interesting and unique relationship”.

Boesak’s marriage reached an end when he admitted to his wife that he was seeing writer and TV character Elna Botha.

He separated his wife in 1991 and wedded Botha.

Jani Allan and Eugène Terre’blanche (1992)

The claimed undertaking between the liberal writer Jani Allan and Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) pioneer Eugène Terre’blanche was an embarrassment that held the nation and the British media.

The claimed undertaking lead to a criticism case in Britain after Channel 4 TV disclosed a program that guaranteed that she engaged in extramarital relations with Terre’blanche.

Linda Shaw, Allan’s previous flat mate, affirmed that while peering through the lock of her companion’s room entryway, she distinguished the two, despite the fact that she couldn’t see their countenances.

An alternate witness the previous AWB money related secretary Kays Smit reviewed discovering a plastered Terre’blanche on Allan’s love seat, wearing just green underpants with openings.

Allan likewise imparted tapes to the Sunday Times of Terre’blanche announcing his affection for the columnist.

The court decided on the side of Channel 4 TV, yet Allan still keeps up the issue never happened.

Zwelinzima Vavi in assault embarrassment (2013)

Assault claims were raised against Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi in 2013.

A lady utilized by him at Cosatu’s central station in Johannesburg, and who was involved with him asserted that Vavi assaulted her, in her office. She requested a R2 million reward for her hush.

Vavi conceded to having consensual sex with the lady however denied  assaulting her.

The informer sent a letter to Vavi’s wife which expressed: “This record serves as a composed assention that once my requests are met … I will gravely swear not to unveil any data with respect to this matter.”

Vavi was suspended as general secretary of Cosatu.

He was just restored after the Johannesburg High Court put aside his suspension on April 4, 2014