Cynthia Onuoha – If You Have Cleavage Then Flaunt It


Cynthia Onuoha

Nollywood performing artist, Cynthia Onuoha is a slick actor who dependably emerges with her straightforward and tasteful outfits. In this meeting with NKECHI CHIMA, Temple of Riches diva uncovered her cherish for accessory and gold gems.

How would you portray style?

Style is anything that characterizes your identity. Any type of dressing that suits you and upgrades your carriage is my style.

How best do you jump at the chance to dress?

I want to seem straightforward however tasteful in any agreeable dress, shoes and frill.

What extras do you consider your best?

I cherish wristwatch and jewelry.

What is your best shade?

I like pink and purple shades

What number of sets of shoes can one find in your wardrobe?

I can’t give number of them, I have some great shoes and I give out and purchase all the more as the event requests.

Shouldn’t something be said about satchels?

I don’t generally keep number yet I have got peaceful several them.

It is safe to say that you are an architect monstrosity?

I cherish architects however I am not an originator monstrosity. I may be obsessed with a few names however I don’t pull out all the stops to have them.

What is the aggregate worth of your satchels and shoes?

I can’t say figures in light of the fact that I have no plan of exchanging them.

Who is your most loved creator?

I cherish truly several them yet I have unique weakness for Channel and Versace.

What is your most costly frill?

It is a gold wristwatch I purchased while on furlough in Dubai.

What sort of aroma do you wear?

I cherish solid aromas, in the event that I begin saying names today, we won’t complete.

What is that design thing you can’t manage without?

It is my lipstick.

Which adornments would you lean toward?

I adore gold gems yet I likewise do ensemble when I see great and special ones.

What is your thoughts on cleavage?

Cleavage is an individual thing however I think in the event that you have it, display it. It’s a woman’s benefits truth be told, not everybody has a great one.