Sex and the university in Jamaica


Sex and the university in Jamaica 1The Seventh-day Adventist Abbey is adversity from a abhorrent case of achievement anxiety. It is angry with ‘alternative sexualities’. Endure month, a acme was captivated in South Africa to abode the problem: ‘In God’s Image: Scripture, Sexuality, and Society’. The one of website describes the purpose of the affair in this way: “to accept a chat with key humans in the all-around administration of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, to accretion a greater compassionate of the issues surrounding addition sexualities, and to admonition calm apropos the challenges the abbey is adverse in this area, in adjustment to acquisition a way to be redemptive as able-bodied as acquiescent to the article of Scripture in a added constant address about the world”.

No known, LGBT Adventists were arrive – except for three ‘ex-gay’ converts to heterosexuality. This makes actually no sense. The church’s chat about ‘alternative sexualities’ cannot be bound to award a average arena amid accretion and obedience. Anomalous Adventists are advancing out and claiming the appropriate to abounding animal abandon aural the church. Not outside. They don’t wish to be adored from the ‘sin’ of same-sex love. And they absolutely don’t wish to obey anachronous Old Testament laws that adjudge them to afterlife if they don’t conform.

The titles of some sessions at the acme affirm the one-sideness of the conversation. It seems as if abbey leaders already accept all the answers and are just traveling through the motions. Long-discredited prejudices are getting revived: “Alternative sexualities a ataxia or a choice”. There’s no catechism mark, so I accept it’s a bright case of both/and. Then there’s the apprehension of ‘conversion’ to heterosexuality: “A continuum of affliction with admittance of pastoral counselling to conversion/reparative therapy.” And, finally, it all comes down to just apparent old sin: “Neither do I adjudge you: Go and sin no more.”

Jesus gave that absolution to the woman bent in the act of adultery. Many consecutive adulterers artlessly debris to stop aberrant – it’s just so abundant fun! Adventist or not, they are absurd to feel any affinity for anomalous humans who absolutely don’t accept a best about their animal identity. And it doesn’t amount that affair and homosexuality are appropriately accursed in the Book of Leviticus. For a lot of fundamentalist Christians, affair is a forgivable weakness, absolutely not of the aforementioned adjustment as an ‘unnatural’ animal identity.


Northern Caribbean University, a Seventh-day Adventist institution, appears to be accepting a harder time ambidextrous with what it perceives as ‘alternative sexualities’. Endure Thursday, I had an adorning chat with Ms Sha-Shana James, the NCU apprentice accused of kissing the duke of addition changeable during a cheerleading routine! The case is artlessly ludicrous.

Ms James, a accumulation communications major, told me her ancillary of the adventure with abundant conviction, as she did on CVM ‘Live@7′. In my opinion, her annual makes abundant added adroitness than the adulterated PR adaptation offered by the university. The Citizenship Board vets cheerleading routines. But for endure month’s achievement at NCU’s sports day, the abounding accepted for Ms James’ aggregation was not vetted. The pyramids that accompany the routines to a acme were afar because some aggregation associates were absent.

The aggregation was butterfingers and no acumen accustomed until two weeks after if Ms James was summoned to arise afore the Citizenship Committee. No added affiliate of the aggregation was investigated. Ms James was asked to explain the accepted that assured with a pyramid acknowledging a helpmate and benedict as if on top of a alliance cake. She depicted the benedict and dressed appropriately. Ms James was chastised for capricious the accustomed routine. But if the pyramid was not vetted, on what base could a affirmation be fabricated that the acceptance had deviated from the agreed formation?


Furthermore, a affiliate of the board argued that Ms James appeared to be authoritative a same-sex alliance proposal. This was a abuse of the university’s ethos. Ms James insists that she did not kiss the behind hand. She acclimated it to awning her aperture so that it would not be accessible that she was cogent her assistant to accumulate her balance. But accept Ms James had even kissed the hand? She was assuming heterosexual desire!

During the interrogation, the adumbrative of the United Apprentice Movement asked her, “Do you accept a boyfriend?” She took answerability and retorted that she had appear to allege about the routine, not her claimed life. She was asked to leave the room. The macho cheerleader who accompanied her for moral abutment told her that they asked him if he’d anytime apparent her with a boy or cutting a dress. He responded that those were claimed questions that should be directed to Ms James. He was asked to leave the room.

When the board assured its deliberations, Ms James was abreast that instead of expelling her, NCU would be lenient, suspending her for two weeks and banning her from all apprentice activities for the next two years. If she laughed at the judgement, her argot ring was exposed. She was reminded that cutting jewellery was adjoin the rules. She insisted that the ring was not on her alien person, but inside.

I admiration if NCU would append or belch a adroitness affiliate or ambassador who bankrupt the rules and claimed an ‘alternative’ animal identity. Or is it alone accessible acceptance who are accepted to toe the animal line? The Seventh-day Adventist Abbey needs to be abundant added across-the-board if it intends to sustain a austere chat about female today – above the low akin of the South African summit.