Sex Scandal: Tchidi Exposes His Wife’s Secret Boyfriend… PLUS Her Reaction


Sex Scandal: Tchidi Exposes His Wife's Secret Boyfriend... PLUS Her Reaction 1Sex Scandal: Tchidi Exposes His Wife's Secret Boyfriend... PLUS Her Reaction 2 Sex Scandal: Tchidi Exposes His Wife's Secret Boyfriend... PLUS Her Reaction 3

When you don’t know the reality, the natural thing so that you can do is in charge a man for dumping his spouse but because it stands now, Sophia has been uncovered by way of her estranged husband, producer/director Tchidi Chikere who has also warned her to not push him any further, otherwise he would release more harmful info about her.

that is serious bother. many of people who insulted Tchidi for dumping her to marry actress Nuella Njubigbo are now assisting the man, if the ideas he released about her escapades are true.

investigate cross-check extra of Tchidi’s revelations beneath and Sophia’s reaction….

Sex Scandal: Tchidi Exposes His Wife's Secret Boyfriend... PLUS Her Reaction 1 Sex Scandal: Tchidi Exposes His Wife's Secret Boyfriend... PLUS Her Reaction 2


Tchidi Chikere, I read all you stated about me and that i laugh. Is that one of the simplest ways to justify yourself? it’s smartly. i cannot change words with you continue to as a result of there’s nothing you say or write about me on the way to shake me as a result of those that put their belief in God, He by no means fails them.

Why are you mendacity to individuals? For them to turn around and clap for you and justify what you probably did? Is it as a result of individuals who know the reality are pronouncing it and it’s hurting you and you at the moment are searching for a technique to justify your self. I provide 10 years of my existence and this is how you repay me? with the aid of disrespecting me and my domestic?You mentioned I used juju to marry you. If really I and my family used juju to hold you, let God who sees the whole thing judge me and also you.

You carry cash for the upkeep of your kids and you might be writing about it? Like critically, are they now not your children? Whose responsibility is that? And who’s disputing that with you? You said since you married me that i have not given you no love, no affection and many others but you forgot the interview you granted to Punch newspaper in 2011 saying that i’m one of the best thing which have happened to you.

You said I by no means had time for you? when you’re at all times filming in the east and that i is not going to see you in months. I performed the position of pop and mother to the children…and i laughed the more when I noticed the place you wrote that I didn’t feed you for 5 days.. is this all in desperation to justify your self? Wow!!

You mentioned marriages aren’t shriveled on the pages of newspaper and granting interviews but you people have been granting interviews upon interviews for the reason that 2012.. Have I stated anything in opposition to you? however I won’t say anything else against you. preserve announcing lies about me thinking you can tarnish my image via hanging up this childish and immature habits.

even supposing you say that i am a prostitute tomorrow or a thief, individuals who be aware of the reality be aware of the reality and God is aware of everything and sees the center and he will pay all and sundry back in keeping with our deeds. So am now not shaking!!

i will by no means say anything towards you to achieve favour from folks! No you can’t cover pregnancy. I gave you my existence for 12 years, gave you three pretty boys, gave you a house. and you always say to me then, I was a good wife to you and you realize it. I used to be loyal to you and never cheated on you. I swallowed and stomached so many things simply to make my marriage work. I became deaf ears to so many things and covered my eyes to so many issues.

I take into account that the entire tales I heard about your escapades with different ladies, however did I depart you? I stayed with you as a result of marriage is for better or worse and whilst you started your affair with Nuella in 2010, what did you say to me after I confronted you?

I stayed, persevered and prayed every night. have you forgotten the day I almost committed suicide? the first time you left me and the children? i needed to end my lifestyles however God saved me. while you left us in 2012, I keep saying to those who my marriage is undamaged and that i by no means modified my title from Sophia Tchidi Chikere till date.

have you ever not performed enough to me? you might be married now and still I want you and your new wife smartly. Why cannot you leave me on my own to face my children and fill up the vacuum this has created in their lives?#

…Who do we imagine now? Did Tchidi pushed his wife into “runs” or is she simply the wayward type?