A few Scandals That Hit Our Entertainment Industry


Every so often, a few occasions take focal point of the audience in our stimulation industry and they surprise us yet as people, we generally effortlessly overlook them as we have all disregarded our late sibling Fennec Okyere. Through the years, what might be alluded to as embarrassments have shaken our industry from monetary to sexual outrages.

A few Scandals That Hit Our Entertainment Industry 1

In this week`s release of your most loved Flex daily paper, we need to take you through a walk memory path, to help you to remember some of these happenings which managed our news features for a great period. Clearly, we might not have the capacity to touch on all these happenings yet the juicier ones might never be overlooked. Accompany us as we do this together:

RAQUEL ARMAH:  On 24th December 2011, hot songstress Raquel Armah was in the news for what might be depicted gently as profane introduction while throughout a show set up together by Citi FM named “Decemba 2 Rememba”, the artist supposedly flashed her “womanhood” to revelers at the show. Despite the fact that she denied at first that there was a frequency like that, an arrangement of productions by News One demonstrated her wrong later when the “frightening dark picture” circulated around the web or better still spilled on some web sites. Three years down the path, Raquel is alright and she is discharging hits after hits and playing the best gigs in the nation and past including her individual shows and that’s just the beginning.

We know you have overlooked yet this is simply to remind you that our female musical artists and Vips ought to still be aware of their appearance when going out for shows. See the picture and let`s proceed onward to the following one.

ANGELA TABIRI: On January 23rd 2012, peacefmonline.com discharged some hot and attractive pictures of an up-advancing performer known as Angela Tabiri who had offered in films from the stables of Socrate Sarfo`s Movie Africa creation. The picture around then was accepted to have been taken by a “columnist” for limited time purposes yet they were either erroneously or arranged, spilled on the web and that got to be feature news in the excitement business.

We recollect Angela was quiet after the spillage until she spoke in a meeting with Peace fm`s excitement audit where she shed some crocodile tears for that disastrous occurrence. Two years down the path, she is doing superbly well emphasizing in a few plugs and Akan films on our TV screens.

See you, now you need to peruse more. Do you need a greater amount of such happenings in our diversion industry? At that point continue perusing Flex daily paper as we guarantee to irregularly discharge some of these embarrassments to remind our famous people that, news don’t kick the bucket as is commonly said about the tongue.