Photos: Guy From Kumasi Sends Girl friend’s Naked Pics To White-Man For Money but Backfires


I in truth want to insult anyone right here but the question is who? must I give it to the lady? or should I provide it to the guy? Who if truth be told needs to be insulted right here? Does this woman think her guy loves her? i believe Kumasi guys are fond of the usage of their girls to generate profits and later dump them.

i feel i need to supply it to the girl reasonably. What a shame to girls far and wide the sector. i am so much restrained to make use of more advantageous phrases right here, otherwise i might have given it to her straight…(No curve)…Anyway, she likes publicity so we will be able to give it to her..The Pics are below.

Photos-Guy-From-Kumasi-Sends-Girlfriend-Naked-Pics-To-White-Man-For-Money-but-Backfires-01 Photos-Guy-From-Kumasi-Sends-Girlfriend-Naked-Pics-To-White-Man-For-Money-but-Backfires-02 Photos-Guy-From-Kumasi-Sends-Girlfriend-Naked-Pics-To-White-Man-For-Money-but-Backfires-03