A Nairobi Pastor got in sex act with a Worship Leader


A prestigious Nairobi Pastor was gotten pant down with a love pioneer on Saturday evening in his mega church in Kenya’s capital city.

A Nairobi Pastor got in sex act with a Worship Leader 1Clearly, the said adore pioneer had gone to look for some “profound food” when they began their sexual adventure.

As stated by sources, the ostentatious minister, who thinks that it hard to hurdle up after spotting anything in a skirt, has been having sex with ushers and even secondary school young ladies in his office.

At the same time the wedded minister’s certifiable forty days had at last arrived at and one of the congregation parts got the two jeans down. The stun was so much it was not possible take and he wailed wildly, drawing in the consideration of different admirers who had accumulated for nighttime requests to God.

Shockingly, the minister’s wife was around the congregation and she saw his spouse’s flippant sexual practices with her naked eyes.

Then again, the maverick minister was headed out of the congregation by his overwhelming security group together with his ‘side dish’. The two are said to have traveled to Zanzibar and the congregation is at present under the hands of the Assistant Pastor who is additionally an alternate King Mswati.

Different sources demonstrate that the maverick minister’s alienated wife has effectively demonstrated that she needs a separation and is get ready for a court fight.

What a disgrace for a man of God to do this.