Really Cossy make sex tape with a Dog ??


[dropcap]Cossy[/dropcap] Orjiakor, popped up last Saturday at The Sun Awards and instantly caused a stir on the Red Carpet as she almost popped out of her tight fitting orange tube gown, which terminated just above her knees, revealing a pair of shapely legs on stiletto heels. Cossy was indeed a sight to behold as her extra large boobs threatened to spill out of her skimpy dress.

Really Cossy make sex tape with a Dog ?? 1

In this chat with The Sun, the exhibitionist opens up on her career and current project while revealing that she could act in a porn flick if given the opportunity. Excerpts:

What’s been your saddest moment?

You should know now (laughter). Imagine all the false stories that they’ve published about me; ‘Cossy Orjiakor has H:V’, ‘Cossy had sex with a dog’, ‘Cossy did this and Cossy did that’. You know, that’s not cool. But I’m a fun person and I dress for the occasion. Like if I’m going for a costume party I’d wear a sexy costume and that’s a party that happens basically in the night. But the thing is that in the morning, when normal people see the pictures of the clothes in the papers, they judge me unfairly.

A lot of men including me are ogling right now. How do you handle your male fans?

I smile if they have the guts to tell me I look good, and I say ‘thank you’.

What if they want more?

I go out on my own most times. I have friends that own clubs, so if I’m bored and want to hang out; I could either go out on my own or with friends. It all depends on my mood.

Tell us about your love life; I mean the man in your life now?

I spent my Valentine alone.

Why did you spend Valentine alone?

I went for a party, a costume party where you dress as a sex icon at Galiante, so I wasn’t really lonely.

But Valentine was only recently…?

(Giggles) I dressed up my dog and painted him; I have a canine. It was supposed to be an Alsatian dog but I was duped. When the dog became big, it was looking more like a local mongrel but just the same I love my dog, so I bought dye and painted it and gave it that unique Alsatian look and then off I went to party.

Who is in your life right now?

You know I don’t talk about men.

But your fans want to know?

I’m not lacking attention but I’m not really in a serious relationship for now.

What determines your fashion sense when you go out?

It depends on the mood I’m in and where I’m dressing for. You dress to impress and sometimes you dress to express yourself.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to you after seeing your boobs dangling so dangerously?

(Laughter) Yeah… I’ve had a lot of experiences especially from females. I could allow a female touch my boobs if I am in the mood. You know, they are like, ‘is it real?’ Men don’t really do much these days; it was a long time ago.

There’s this report that you once insured your boobs…?

No, no, no… that was a fake story. I don’t k now where it emanated from but it was funny any way. It all comes from this fake bloggers who compile fake stuff and publish them online and they look so real.

What are those qualities you look out for in a man?

Physical fitness first and above every other thing; I love abs, I love a guy that works out; I love a flat tummy.

There’s this talk about a lesbian clique running Nollywood. Have they reached out to you? Have you heard about them?


Recently, you were linked with porn actress, Afrocandy. In fact, she offered you a role in her yet-to-be-shot porn movie. Did you accept?

I’ve not met her but I think she’s a cool babe. I like her guts and Maheeda’s guts as well; they’re doing their own thing. If one way does not work, the other should; they’re paying their dues.

What about the porn movie role?

I can act in a porn movie but I can never go nude myself. If I have to act with somebody and they use a body double to do the acting, that’s fine. But as for me, I can never go nude. If you insist that I must act nude then you have to use a body double. They’ve done it before. That was when I was dancing for Obesere. They superimposed a dog on me and said I was having sex with the dog. And before I knew it everybody was calling me a porn actor! That picture was photo shopped. I can remember a guy called me up and said he had a picture of me having sex with a dog and I told him to go to hell; he wanted to blackmail me, and then he published the story and my family was embarrassed.

People have this impression that you’re hot between the sheets. How true is that?

I don’t know (blushes). I’m very good though; I believe I’m very good. Do you want to find out? (Giggles).

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done sexually?

I’m extremely adventurous believe me… when you’re adventurous you go with the flow and take over whatever happens; you don’t have a mind set of what you want to do; you just flow.

What’s been your greatest sexual experience?

If I tell, you wouldn’t believe it.

Are you not scared that the image you project may hamper your chances of getting married someday?

I’ve never lacked male attention; I’ve had my own fair share but I get scared easily because a lot of things about me might change when I get married. They will be like ‘stop this and stop that.’ Your life’s no longer yours and that scares me. When a guy’s coming after you and he’s saying ‘when we get married you’ll stop all this,’ I get scared. Once I hear that I get scared, I am extremely and fiercely independent.

Does that mean you can’t change?

I can never change and I have no apologies. I need someone who will polish me up in what I’m doing, not somebody who’ll change me. Change me to what? That sounds very unappealing.

Why don’t we see you much in movies these days?

The offers that I get are not paying enough, so I’d rather do other things that get me money.