Ibikunle Amosun


A leader is one who sets an example to be followed, bringing together a faithful dedication for the responsibility he has been entrusted with, and never allowing his ideals to be compromised in any way.

Ibikunle Amosun
Ibikunle Amosun

If there were ever such a man to govern the good people of Ogun State and to help them enjoy the benefits of the economic prosperity that Nigeria is enjoying at the moment, then it is most certainly the good Governor Ibikunle Amosun FCA.

Since being elected to power in 2011, he has busied himself with the amelioration of the way of life of the people, involving himself wholeheartedly in the improvement of not just the infrastructure, but ensuring that Education, Employment and even Housing needs are being addressed with a great sense of urgency. In this regard, he has gone about his work with a fierce determination that has revealed positive results in such a short span of time, because his driving passion is caring for the people and their welfare, and when it comes to the people, he leaves no stone unturned and no option unexplored to give unto them what they truly deserve. However, as is the nature of the realm of politics, he has often been painted in a negative light, and on occasion, vilified by his naysayers who point out to ridiculous claims for things that he has apparently neglected.

Accusations of “Brotherly Neglect” Unfounded

Not long after he took office as Governor of Ogun State, SIA, as Governor Amosun is affectionately known, was reported to have cast aside members of his own family by not addressing their most basic needs to secure a livelihood for themselves. The online article in question (Global News, “Gov. Amosun’s Brother Lives in Abject Poverty”, went on to describe how in spite of his current position, he had let his brothers Bariyu and Sofiu Amosun fall to the wayside, by ignoring their plight, when it was easily apparent that they were in desperate need of assistance. In fact, the article ended with an attempt to undermine SIA’s philanthropy and social welfare efforts entirely by drawing attention to the fact that if “Charity begins at home,” he was “not living up to this aphorism.”

The truth of the matter is, and it should certainly be noted by the author and this respected publication, that if he were to overtly use this power and influence granted to him by the people of Ogun State who voted for him, the tune being sung would have sounded a lot like, “Gov. Ibikunle Amosun Misuses Power to Support Family,” to put it most lightly. As a media organ that is supposed to inform the public of the real state of affairs, it is most unfortunate that such a hardworking man as SIA is being painted as just another politician, in spite of all the changes that he has heralded in his tenure thus far. Furthermore, mere hearsay about the lives of his brothers and the difficult situations that they have to deal with everyday, not to mention the public presentation of such information as being a factual representation in any way, is poor practice, to say the least.

A Guiding Philosophy of Philanthropy

SIA has taken the welfare of the people of Ogun State upon his own shoulders, making every effort to give back to the community that has supported and sustained him. Most of all, his views on social welfare are commendable as they don’t rely on the senseless giving of aid, but on empowering people to rise up to the challenges they face, by providing them with the opportunities that will help them achieve and surpass their basic requirements. Be it the giving of scholarships to deserving students, something that SIA established long before he even came to power as Governor, or the empowerment of women in the community and the encouragement of local artisans and industries to thrive and prosper, it becomes easily apparent that his heart lies at the center of his agenda – To emancipate the minds of the people, so that they may first dream, and then work towards realizing their dreams.

On the surface of things, it may be difficult to understand why a man who has himself put so much effort to educate and acquire the lucrative qualification of FCA seems to want to embroil himself in the politics of Nigeria, when he could have so easily enjoyed a comfortable job working and earning aplenty. In fact, some people may even think this to be a backward step of sorts, especially when considering the potential dangers of being in the public eye. Yet, his stalwart determination to carry forth a cause that he has held dear to his heart for all his life pushes him onward, regardless of what may be said of him, because if nothing else, he is well and truly, a leader of the people, working for the people, who has been elected by the people. The people have recognized his true intentions, and they have spoken. Now, it is only a matter of time before his greatness is realized by Ogun State, and the rest of the country.