Uon Student Busts Maseno Lady Having Sex With Her Boyfriend (video)


UoN student BUSTS Maseno lady having Sex with her boyfriend 1There was drama on Wednesday afternoon at the University of Nairobi male hostels after two ladies fought over a male student.

The two from UoN and Maseno University claimed to be lovers of the same student and confronted each other with the aim of protecting their territory. According to reliable sources, the third year Journalism student was toiling with the feelings of the two ladies.

He had the UoN second year for “friendly matches” and the Maseno lady for “away games”. Trouble broke out when the two ladies who were unaware that they were chasing the same man decided to celebrate Kenya @50 with their lover.

The second year Maseno student booked a bus and came all the way to Nairobi to celebrate Kenya @50. They had a break in December and so she knew she would spend a good time in Nairobi with the boyfriend.

The UoN student too had the same idea and when evening came she decided to surprise the boyfriend by visiting uninvited. The two ladies met at the man’s room and started hurling insults at each other.

Each one claimed to be the lover to the man explaining how long they have dated.

Within a short time a fight broke out. They pulled each other’s weaves and tore blouses attracting other students with their noises.

It took the intervention of the RFSL to separate the two who had scratched each other’s faces. Sources say that the Maseno one was seen heading to the country bus stage most likely to go back “home.”


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