Exposed!! Dirty Secrets About Nollywood Actors And Actresses Revealed


One of the organizers of Nollywood awards has uncovered the dirty secrets of many actresses within the Nollywood film trade and the way they pay to get awards.

Nollywood dirty secret

Hear what one of them stated recently, “It is dependent upon how you hang yourself. I needless to say in the third model when the nominees checklist came out, one actress dispatched someone to name me and offer me cash in order for her to win.

I told the person who the money they provided me wouldn’t alternate my life in any respect. it’s only the money I may spend in lower than 24 hours. If I acquire money from anybody, earlier than the subsequent award, the particular person would easily tell a nominee to only go and pay a certain amount to me if he or she wanted to win. we’ve an extended technique to go.

Award ceremony may be very sensitive. whenever you get it incorrect the primary time, you’re doomed. there’s no second chance. because of that, I can not acquire cash from any one. however however, I spotted that when the nominee’s checklist comes out, some folks begin giving us jobs for our different businesses.”