Revealed: Why Girls Are Enjoying These Types Of Sex


girls is also having more kinds of sex than ever before — however less intercourse overall.


So say the findings from Britain’s third nationwide Survey of Sexual Attitudes and existence (Natsal-3), performed from 2010 to 2012. The 8869 women polled for Natsal-3 suggested better incidences of intercourse sooner than age sixteen, same-sex encounters and anal sex than their counterparts within the first and 2d Natsal surveys, carried out in 1990-1991 and 1999-2001 respectively, as well as a declining frequency in sexual encounters.

Sixteen percent of British ladies aged 16–44 suggested having sexual experience or contact with a comparable-sex accomplice, up from 10 % in Natsal-2 and four percent in Natsal-1. A an identical trend used to be found when it got here to anal sex — 15 p.c of ladies stated having anal sex previously 12 months, when compared with 11 % of respondents in Natsal-2 and seven % in Natsal-1.

It can be imaginable that some of these modifications are simply the result of individuals feeling extra relaxed revealing their sexual practices then they’ve been prior to now, most likely because of decreasing stigma around quite a lot of intercourse acts or totally different survey techniques. but, as William Saletan at Slate put it: “even though you attribute most of it to modifications in candor or interpretation, the willingness of so many women to confess to similar-sex job represents a tremendous cultural shift.”

Whereas the sorts of intercourse ladies are having seems to be increasing, they could also be having sex much less ceaselessly. In 1990, the median collection of occasions that women stated having intercourse in the earlier 4 weeks was once 5. This quantity dropped to 4 in 2001, and three in 2012.

One reason behind the sort of drop is that persons are having less intercourse because they’re too busy. Professor Kaye Wellings of the London faculty of Hygiene & Tropical drugs told The Gloss: “Work comes into our residence now and there is not any strict divide. persons are taking laptops and iPads to mattress. individuals are working very, very laborious. they are very busy.”

Too busy for sex? that’s a tragic state of affairs. however we’re satisfied to hear that girls feel more relaxed attractive in — and speaking about — intercourse that’s not of the vanilla, heterosexual selection.