Orgasm War: Watch As Gay Man Tries To Make Straight Man Climax Against His Will (Explicit Video)


gay man orgams warAnyone remember the game show “Make Me Laugh,” in which comedians tried to make contestants giggle within a time limit?

Well, this is a “make me climax” variation: A gay man tries to bring a straight man to orgasm against his will. The show is called “Orgasm Wars,” and it airs on late-night Japanese TV.

Poko x Tate – Orgasm wars: AV actor Sawai VS Takuya

GRAPHIC WARNING: The footage below features graphic sexual scenes.

Dramatically narrated for a jokey effect, the variety program features straight Japanese porn star Ryou Sawai meeting his “opponent,” Takuya, in a warehouse.

They exchange boasts of who will win and then get down to business. Takuya performs oral sex on the porn star but all the graphic action takes place discreetly in a covered box.

Takuya has 40 minutes to finish the job as university students cheer on the contestants. Can Takuya succeed? Watch the 10-minute footage below to find out.

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