No Pornography, No Nollywood – Queeneth Hilbert


No Pornography, No Nollywood – Queeneth Hilbert

As so much as Queeneth Hilbert, half of-Nigerian, 1/2-Lebanese, wish to reassure you she is an ordinary girl subsequent door the whole lot about her depicts one thing additional-bizarre.

From her appears to her mannerisms, there’s a contact of forte that stands her out. As inclined as she seems to be, she is the whole lot however a ‘damsel in distress’ as our readers will quickly in finding out on this revealing chat.

Incessantly touted as one of the beautiful women in Nollywood, Queeneth talks about her trip into showbiz, pornography in Nollywood and lots of different concerns..

How did you come about the title ‘Queeneth Hilbert’?

Queeneth Hilbert is my name. Mine is Queeneth while my surname is Hilbert. i am half Nigerian, half Lebanese.

Is that why you display the Lebanese flag for your Blackberry status?

Neatly, I have many Lebanese pals and many of them have the Lebanese flag displayed on their Blackberry phones. I simply concept it’s cool so i take advantage of it too

Why no longer the Nigerian flag?

I can use anybody I wish to use. It has no special which means to me. (laughing) will have to I alter it?

But there’s a story that you’re not as as regards to your dad as you might be to your mum. Why is that?

I’m closer to my mum because I grew up with while it took a while to know my dad however that doesn’t imply I’ve anything in opposition to my dad. Our relationship is father-daughter relationship.

You began with modelling, what informed your resolution to enter modelling?

Once I was once small, lots of my pals and cousins were going into modelling and that to a point affected me. in addition to, a lot of them idea I must go into it too as a result of via age 15 I was once already very tall and had a good slim figure for it. So I determined to present it a are trying.

Why did you go into acting instead of modelling?

again then I had plenty of modelling proposals. It began once I had a photograph shoot. From the photo shoot a variety of retailers saw what I could do and the deals began pouring in. Even when I was once simply 15 at the time.

Why so early, didn’t it impact your training?

Now not in point of fact. I began early as a result of I had to make ends meet. I’m a more or less one that doesn’t wish to be idle. in addition to, I really like being impartial and being able to care for myself.

Weren’t your parents doing that?

Yes, they’d what it takes to deal with me but I just don’t like bothering somebody for the rest, even my parents.

As an exquisite girl, what has your beauty cost you?

I’m a humorous particular person and that i don’t see myself like that. once I get up within the morning, I pray, take my delivery, gown up and off to work. the way people discuss Queeneth being beautiful doesn’t even happen to me. I don’t see myself as such.

So, when did you appreciate you are a very beautiful woman?

I feel that will have to be all my life because folks by no means stopped telling me I’m gorgeous.

Has any person ever long gone beyond just appreciating your beauty or making passes at you?

Yeah, now and again.

Are you able to share an expertise?

There was this guy I met whereas boarding a flight from Abuja to Lagos. I was coming to shoot a movie. the fellow was sitting next to me in the airplane and he bought funny with me. He used to be so conceited, rude and uncouth. And if there’s the rest I in reality hate it’s boastful guys. Even once I like a guy, i am not the type who goes about exhibiting it as a result of i like to cover my feelings.

Even once we landed in Lagos, and the corporate car got here to pick me, the man was once nonetheless traumatic me. humorous sufficient, once I bought to the corporate for the shoot I came upon’’ that the guy owns the company. He was once like: this girl again? What are you doing in my firm? however I informed him my thoughts. He later gave me the contract though however I simply can’t stand conceited folks.

That seems like some form of romance in the air, it couldn’t have ended there?

Neatly, it did for me. After the shoot he became all caring, nice and even recommend to me but his arrogant methods put me off completely. When did you in truth begin performing? That must be from 2012.

What number of movies have you done on the grounds that then?

I can’t keep in mind that, i think I lost rely. possibly 20-30 films.

How did you handle 20-30 films between 2012 to 2013?

Yeah, I did all that through managing my time and it is not like the entire motion pictures are out yet some take time.

Do you continue to do modeling on the side?

no longer in point of fact. acting has taken the majority of my time and now just attending to the height of my occupation in performing extra modeling offers are coming in but for now I’m handiest curious about my appearing career. Later i will return to modeling.

Between modeling and performing which would you say is more worthwhile and more satisfying?

I’ll pick my modeling. just excited about the nice times I had meeting peoples, going around the globe makes it modeling for me. It goes right down to the fact that i love footage and modeling will pay you more, with many more advantages. appearing isn’t all fun. some of your colleagues provide you with arduous instances, for good or bad causes. I favor modeling any day.

So, what are you doing, appearing?

Modeling is more rewarding. iI’m just in performing now as a result of I have all the time had ardor for it. You mentioned you may have carried out about 30 movies.

In how may just did you’re taking the lead roles and which can be essentially the most memorable to you?

I’ll say about 10. essentially the most memorable of those are ‘The Illiterate’ and ‘My Daughter, My Jewel’ directed through Lancelot Imaseun. Pornography is progressively eating into Nollywood and some have mentioned it makes the movies extra real.

What’s your idea of pornography in Nollywood movies?

Benson Okonkwo, my actor pal once mentioned that and i believe he’s proper. Pornography makes our films more actual. while you shoot in South Africa or Ghollywood, there’s no film you will do without emotion, love and sex.

I don’t call it pornography, I name it doing all your job. If your script says you should do one thing, it is doing all of your job, Nollywood has no industry doing motion pictures if it cannot take in pornography.

What of lesbianism within the industry?

I think why that is happening now’s because there are more girls than guys. lots of the women who have interaction on this act should not in Nollywood to behave, they’re just there to lead to bother. they’re everywhere however I don’t think they’re there to work.

Is it authentic that the Ghanaian actors are taking over from the Nigerian actors?

I think it’s all about packaging. now not relating to cash or quality. The Nigerian actors don’t have one thoughts and intention while the Ghanaians seem to have one thoughts with brotherly outlook. In Nigeria there’s a lot of hate, jealousy and energy tussles.

In Ghollywood, you see Yvonne, Jackie, Nadia, all coming together to work together to do a movie while in Nigeria you could rarely see the top acts doing one thing collectively because everyone feels they’re too large for others. there’s various forming.

There’s also an concept that Ghollywood are churning out more stunning people than Nollywood this present day?

That’s not actual. When people say they’re finer, they’re only talking about beauty not talent, proper? In Nollywood, you can not make it to the highest merely since you are gorgeous. Nollywood locations higher price on ability than beauty.

However in Ghollywood the competitors will not be as stiff as in Nollywood. there are so many beautiful women in Nollywood a good way to no longer see stardom as a result of they don’t have skill. while you compare the two there are extra gorgeous girls in Nollywood and a ways more skills.

Can you in truth do a sex scene?

There’s nobody so that it will in fact do a intercourse scene in a movie. however whether it is my husband that is producing the film and performing within the movie, then it is okay with me, just like the case of Jeta Amata and his wife. I can play any position in a movie, that’s what is called performing.

Has your heart ever been broken by using a guy?

No, I gained even give them that chance. I’ve long made up my thoughts that no man would spoil my coronary heart. I have male pals but now not the type you can refer to as boyfriend-lady friend relationship. I don’t have such because I don’t believe there may be authentic love on this country. I’m simplest excited about my occupation for now.

What’s this story about Tonto Dikeh being the individual that impressed you into acting?

No, no, no, no longer authentic. I believe someone posted the story online. Tonto never impressed me. I simply love her motion pictures like I love movies of different big actresses like Omotola. I’m myself. I’ve seen some footage about you and Benson Okonkwo.

What’s up with you and Benson?

Benson, I’ll say, is without doubt one of the few folks in Nollywood that likes me for who I’m. He’s actual and because he’s a man, it works for me. the women, women thing doesn’t cut it with me. lots of the girls are pretend. It isn’t like I have issues with any person I simply found out only a few of them like me.

What’s your idea about sex?

Well, you see anyone and you’re feeling this guy shall be good in mattress, tremendous, go ahead and have it. intercourse is one thing which you can have if you are feeling just right about it. I don’t believe all these Bible stuffs about sex.

There are so many revealing photos of you on the internet. Does it mean that you may act nude?

I’ll be able to act nude below some certain stipulations.

If these conditions are met, why not? Queeneth, you don’t appear to love males very much. Why? neatly, maybe as a result of once I was once seeking to set up myself as a variation, every man I met needed something from me.

In this USA, most men you meet don’t want to do anything else for you unless you’re ready to supply sex. Simplest only a few males are good. I don’t recognize if it happens like that to different ladies but for me, it has and that doesn’t imply I’ve anything else in opposition to males. I don’t.