Nairobi Residents Have Sex On Footbridges


Sex on footbridgesResidents in Nairobi have found new lodgings which are free of charge – footbridges. The footbridges are usually fully booked over the weekend with couples making love as soon as evening falls.

Users have complained of the embarrassing sights of two old people making out as though they are in their bedrooms. The disgusting sight of used condoms which are scattered all over in the morning is not pleasing either.

Some pedestrians are ashamed to find couples undressed on the footbridges especially late in the evening. A frequent user of a footbridge in Roy Sambu along the Thika Superhighway, Richard Muthee, said that he happened to cross the footbridge with his children few minutes to 7pm when they found a couple seriously having sex.

A man who roasts maize at the City Stadium footbridge echoed the same sentiments explaining that it is a common sight to see couples having sex when darkness falls. Other “lodgings” are in Makadara, Westlands and Nairobi West.

Surely, Nairobi residents style up! If you cannot afford a room look for other ways to settle your sexual urges but not on footbridges.