Ian Watkins Video Tapes Himself Raping 11-Months-old Baby


Rock singer Ian Watkins was today described as a ‘decided and dedicated paedophile’ after he admitted trying to rape a fan’s 11-month-previous baby son together with 10 different child intercourse offences.


Watkins, 36, lead singer of the Lostprophets, modified his plea initially of his trial this afternoon, however claimed he might now not remember that the ‘wicked’ abuse because he used to be high on crystal meth.

The singer – a former boyfriend of BBC radio and TV presenter Fearne Cotton – pleaded guilty to intercourse offenses involving the infants of two ladies fans.

He pleaded guilty to trying to rape the eleven-month-outdated baby of a fan ‘lady A’ and conspiring to rape the infant daughter of some other fan ‘woman B’.

The 2 fanatics, each of their twenties and from completely different elements of England, are also facing jail after admitting their function in the intercourse offences on their own youngsters.

Cardiff Crown court heard Watkins was once videoed committing the depraved acts and was ‘certainly identifiable’ because of his many tattoos and his voice.

However Watkins claimed to not remember doing it as a result of he was a ‘heavy consumer’ of sophistication a medicine including Crystal Meth at the time.

Watkins spoke most effective to enter his pleas as he admitted attempting to rape the infant.

Prosecuting QC Chris Clee gave small print of a sickening plot to show infants in subservient sex slaves the use of arduous medication.

He mentioned: ‘Ian Watkins was once the lead singer of a a success band known as the Lostprophets.


‘He used to be additionally a decided and committed paedophile engaged in serious intercourse offences involving of two infants.’

Mr Clee learn aloud to the courtroom a sequence of text and internet messages between Watkins and two female co-defendants.

Watkins and lady A swapped messages where the frontman pointed out his ill want to ‘make him mine’ and to ‘move the road’.

they also talked about plans to blow crystal-meth smoke into the child’s face at a secret meet up in a Cardiff lodge.

And on March 23, Watkins sent the woman a message saying he wished a ‘summer of filthy kid porn’ and the way he wanted to take things ‘to the next degree’.

Mr Clee also gave details of a sickening 17-minute video involving Watkins and woman A.

Mr Clee said camcorder pictures used to be shot in a London resort room which showed Watkins perform a intercourse act on the infant.

laptop analysts discovered the photos uploaded to online storage facility The Cloud.

Mr Clee mentioned that following this meeting, the pair exchanged emails about how they might now not go ‘simple’ on the infant next time.

The prosecutor informed the decide that both of the tried rape admissions have been accepted.

He recounted that there used to be an argument regarding what key video evidence seized from Watkins’s laptop in reality showed.


‘From the footage, there may be an argument as to whether the entire offence is made out,’ he informed choose Mr Justice Royce.

‘if it is made out, it is minimal. there may be so little difference between the full attempt and the attempt as to make no distinction.

‘we’re prepared to simply accept the pleas as tendered.’

The singer, dressed in a 3-piece dark blue go well with, also admitted sexually assaulting the infant via touching him.

He was once filmed committing the intercourse acts on the child the day after Lostprophets closing album Weapons used to be released.

the child’s mum, girl A, admits assisting and abetting the tried rapes on her son.

She additionally admits sexually touching the infant and taking pictures, sooner than sending them to Watkins.

Watkins additionally admitted conspiring to rape and sexually touch the daughter of the second fan.

He admits assisting and abetting lady B to the touch her daughter while he watched on Skype.

An previous court listening to used to be advised police had seventy two pages of conversations between the pair on-line speaking about their sexual relationship.

woman B mentioned she had a daughter of a younger age and Watkins mentioned: ‘convey her alongside as smartly.’

She stated she was once getting the newborn prepared for their meeting together – and ‘what all of them will do together’ when they meet up.

The prosecution mentioned the investigation led police to find lady B and Watkins had met once in a lodge in Cardiff.

She admits sexual assault after touching the child, she additionally admits taking an indecent photograph of the baby earlier than distributing them.

Sally O’Neill QC, defending, said: ‘His place remains to be the identical and he says he can not take into account that the occasions depicted within the videos.’

‘He has had skilled recommendation from laptop specialists and on account of this he’s now in a position to change his plea.’

earlier than his trial was once aborted, Watkins used the same excuse of “it is been faked” when video photos of him showing him aroused and with a naked baby was once discovered by using police.

before altering his thoughts at the eleventh hour, the singer had caught to a “fanciful” declare that it was once not him in the video – and any person had doctored the photos.

however the prosecution stated dissimilar arm and neck tattoos proved the individual in the video was him.

Following ‘professional advice’ from his felony group, Watkins admitted it was once him in the video – but claimed he was once too excessive on drugs to needless to say precisely what came about.

His chaotic way of life was once beginning to show on what ended up being the Lostprophets’ ultimate tour with gig goers describing the singer’s behaviour as bizarre.

When information of him being charged through police broke, his bandmates pointed out their total shock.

Their site used to be shut down, with a short remark announcing they were ‘in a state of shock’ and have been ‘learning in regards to the small print of the investigation together with you’ and announcing all future tour dates cancelled.

And around a month earlier than the trial was listed at Cardiff Crown court, the rest individuals of Lostprophets announced that they had split up.

In a commentary, the staff said: ‘After virtually a year of coming to terms with our heartache we will be able to not make or function tune as Lostprophets’.

The publish used to be signed via all members of the band with the exception of Watkins.