Sex Between Female Students and Teachers (video)


girl_tins-old-manIn many ways, Nigerian establishments of upper studying are no different from other such institutions world wide: they’re confronted with several contending considerations reminiscent of funds cuts, plagiarism, dishonest right through checks, alteration of information through researchers, unhealthy rivalry and tension between faculty participants and between faculty and administration and between students and other echelons. These are constants throughout the tutorial group.

and naturally there is the problem of sexual relationship between some college students and some of their lecturers, and between some college students and some participants of the administrative body of workers…

to make sure, there’s now not a educating and learning establishment any place on this planet the place such — sex between college students and school and between college students and group of workers — just isn’t a priority. None! What makes the Nigerian context completely different is the propensity, the frequency and the severity of the aforementioned.

oldsters ship their youngsters to school to study, no to be careworn and sexually molested. younger men and women come to school to analyze and discover ways to be contributing individuals of their rapid and international society. They go to school to examine to be excellent voters, good human beings. They go to high school to strengthen many skills – together with essential thinking talent. And though many exhibit up in all their naivete and gullibility, still, it is not a purpose or an excuse for them to be taken good thing about. unfortunately, these are one of the most horrors that happen to many Nigerian students, especially the girls.

Sadder is the fact that tens of millions of women and younger girls are being abused and exploited on a daily basis. Many are denied their human and civil rights. Many don’t have any get admission to to schooling, to hospital treatment, or to a caring residence and atmosphere. they’re the “wretched of the earth.” whereas there are some shining examples inside the Nigerian sisterhood, there will have been a number of tens of millions extra if the Nigerian society had taken its female population extra seriously. however we don’t! For the most phase, and in lots of settings, ladies are things, objects – things and objects to disregard or sexualise.

occupied with it now, I cannot keep in mind that which came first: the sugar daddy syndrome or the sexual exploitation of students through team of workers and school individuals (occasionally known as “Bush allowance”). long sooner than politicians became conquerors and rulers of the maiden and their honey jars — and lengthy before defense force officers freely roamed the sexual landscape — sugar daddies had been the kings.

Sugar daddies paraded and patronized UNILAG, UNIBEN, BUK, UNIPORT, ABU, UI and every Nigerian college and polytechnic and faculty of schooling. And in some instances, they suck into secondary colleges and within the process dedicated rape and alarming perversions. these days, the higher Nigerian society does not concern itself with what was once originally an aberration. it is now a given. principally, sugar dadaism has now grow to be a convention, a part of our cultural milieu.

tell me: how many ladies, 17-37 years previous, have you learnt who would not have one or two moneybags as a lover or sex mate? i’m sure there are. however they can’t be that many. Poverty and unemployment and the overall state of confusion and hopelessness have greatly contributed to the psychological and psychical anarchy that now characterizes the us of a. in the minds of many, the kingdom of God can wait. money is the brand new paradise. You either have it otherwise you don’t. in many enclaves, if you don’t have it, you don’t matter, you don’t depend!

regardless of the way you take a look at it, intercourse between a scholar and a instructor or an administrator cannot be thought to be a relationship. that is so as a result of there is a component of abuse and exploitation involved. What’s more, many college students – especially secondary college and undergraduates — who are so abused and brought good thing about, may just endure psychological and bodily injury.

As many universities within the western world have come to take note, there may be “power imbalance between the events” that makes this type of liaison unsound and injurious. The college of Connecticut’s Board of Trustees not too long ago voted against “sexual interactions between college students and professors.” identical measures are in position in many universities.

One does not recognize what the policies are in Nigerian universities and different establishments of higher finding out. What seems clear – very clear – is that lots of rape and abuse and exploitation and blackmail are taking place. however actually, the complaints are simply too many: teachers who demand sex for better classification grade and different favors; and teachers who pimp students for monetary and non-financial features. intercourse-for-grade or grade-for-sex is indeed a multitude, a deadly disease that’s been threatening, along with other vexing issues, Nigeria’s instructional setting.

To whom do aggrieved feminine college students lodge complaints when a lot of those in positions of authority are committing the same or identical offence? Do you complain to the Vice-Chancellor, the Dean, the top of the department, or to the faculty Senate? I do not imply to say that the whole rank and file of the Nigerian lecturers is guilty of those abuses and exploitation. No, not at all! however actually that the number of those focused on such inhumanity outweighs the harmless and pious ones.

Are there cases the place female college students lodged false protests in opposition to harmless academics? yes, of course! Are there instances the place rival lecturers used intercourse to trap and blackmail other teachers? yes, in fact! And are there circumstances the place feminine college students sexually pursued their teachers? sure, definitely! but such incidences are small, very small.

finally, i’m wondering if there are academic studies that gauge the influence of intercourse-for-grade on our tutorial gadget, and how they influence the lives of our younger girls. in spite of this, these practices and transgressions can’t be just right for the country’s tradition and academic gadget. it usually is that these accidents can’t be wiped out, however they can be substantially minimized.

no one sends his or her daughter to high school to be abused and exploited through depraved minds. consequently, the educational setting must be a safe and enriching one for all. No society will also be great and affluent if that society refuses to deal with her ladies population with love, appreciate and dignity. A healthy studying-instructing setting is a human and civil right for all — particularly for our young women.

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