Scandal: Nairobi Celeb Denies Having Sex With Jimnah Mbaru


Former Citizen TV’s Tahidi excessive actress cum DJ, Pierra Makena has eventually spoken out about rumors that she has been dating baby-kisser Jimnah Mbaru. Pierra mentioned that she has by no means dated Mbaru and would by no means date him now not even at gun point.

Nairobi Woman And Celeb Denies Having Sex With Jimnah Mbaru

Talking to an area day by day, Pierra who is presently in Ghana capturing a Nigerian comedy stated that she does not even have Mbaru’s phone number and does no longer date married males.

Rumor: Pierra Makena having sex with Jimnah Mbaru

She further cited that if she used to be so far a married man she would make a selection the richest to break herself. alternatively she mentioned that Mbaru as soon as visited her all over a birthday celebration at her house.

He had attended the celebration courtesy of his private assistant.

Elsewhere, Pierra is ready to be hitched to the love of her existence.