Karen Igho Confirms Her Boobs Are Fake


Representatives of massive Brother Africa winner Karen Igho have reportedly tested that the actress’ breasts are fake.

Karen Igho Confirms Her Boobs Are Fake

This follows an insult directed at Karen from Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson, who had termed Karen’s breasts as “fake boobs”.

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Sometime the day prior to this at the same time as getting ready for her promo photo shoot, Karen and the world PR Media camp received wind of a tweet that was once sent to our shopper, Karen Igho.

Yvonne Nelson quoted as follows “faux boobs, no surprise you don’t have a bf”. When Karen acquired the alert, she made a number of non-public gestures to make clear the position of the tweet and the tweetee, but not one of the enquirer used to be answered and a declare of ‘deal with hacking’ was once implied by the Nelson camp.

Just to update the Nelson workforce because we can’t attain you, Karen’s inn to breast implants have been on account of lumps discovered and removed in her breasts. and might you also be a excellent function model to your own youthful fans with the aid of resisting on-line bullying or another type of bullying for that subject.