I Earn My Living By Sleeping With Other Women’s Husbands – Says Sexual Healer


Mare Simone, is a licensed Tantra Educator, “sex surrogate” who has devoted her working existence to serving to men, ladies and couples overcome their sexual problems.

As a qualified sex therapist, she has given lessons in like to greater than 10,000 shoppers during the last 23 years.

And while she estimates she has had penetrative intercourse with 1,500 of them, she insists there is nothing illegal about what she does.

Mare says: “I earn my living by way of dozing with different women’s husbands or boyfriends. however I’m under no circumstances a prostitute as intercourse surrogacy is prison, as long as it’s accomplished in a therapeutic and healing ambiance. people are paying for counseling and to cure their issues — no longer sex!  I’m helping to improve and change the sex lives of thousands of men, which means I’m additionally serving to toughen the intercourse lives of their wives and girlfriends.”


“Some women turn into baby surrogates because they want to lend a hand ladies who can’t have children. In the same means, i believe drawn to helping others have an intimate sex lifestyles. My job is so pleasing and relaxing. Seeing my buyers leave with a brand new-discovered sexual confidence is an excellent sight.”

Single Mare, from Chelsea, West London, holds around five classes A DAY and sees individuals from all walks of existence. She says: “My shoppers are all a while, shapes, sizes and professions. they’ve either been really helpful to look me by means of a sex therapist or former consumer or they seek me out through sexual surrogate firms.  the boys normally need lend a hand with erection and premature ejaculation issues or have been sent by their other halves as a result of they weren’t pleasing them in bed. before they see me, all of them have an STD take a look at, and must all the time use a condom when seeing me. I also have some women come to me. Their problems are frequently that they are able to orgasm or have had bad enthusiasts. I convey them the best way to pleasure themselves and make them love their our bodies.

“Some talk over with me for a couple of periods, whereas others have round 12, relying on the extent of their issues.  All of my sessions start in the identical approach. We begin by way of chatting while I caress their palms to make them really feel cozy and confident with me.  right through the following few classes I transfer to giving them back and shoulder massages, so the consumer relaxes further while talking about their problems.

“Following that, we do a reflect exercise. this is where the shopper and I’ll both take off our clothes and look at our bodies within the mirror.  frequently, they feel very timid about their bodies and to find it troublesome to have a look at themselves. however once they realize i am not judging them, they start to open up and really feel confident. At that stage I move on to entrance body massages. I take over ‘down under’, showing them how they must be touching themselves.  ultimately, it’s time to place the whole lot into apply. that is the stage of lovemaking, so they can discover ways to keep watch over themselves and resolve their sexual problems.”


“My job is basically to make people realize their problems aren’t just physical. they’re within the thoughts and have quite a bit to do with self-self assurance.”

Mare has not all the time been so sexually open. at the age of 19, she was raped via a male pal after accepting a late-night raise house from a birthday party.  Too afraid to document the attack, she lost her self assurance in males and intercourse. When she married her first husband, Victor, ten years later, she nonetheless might now not undergo to be touched intimately.


She remembers: “My worry of intercourse put an enormous strain on my marriage and that i knew deep down it used to be as a result of the rape.  overnight I went from being outgoing to being introverted. after I did date, i found making love horrifying and stressful.  when I married Victor, our séx lifestyles used to be by no means great and after 4 years we divorced but we have now remained chums.  It was then that a pal recommended I start studying about tantric séx and sexual surrogacy.  finding out about this unknown world of sexual healing made me really feel that there used to be hope for me to get my séxual self assurance back.”

Mare decided to take a 4-day path in sex remedy, the place she find out about tantric sex, an ancient Hindu apply that concentrates on a slower type of sex. “It was once attention-grabbing and throughout the direction I also realized, for the first time, that the rape I had endured a decade ahead of used to be not my fault. I might enjoy séx without feeling soiled, ashamed or responsible.”

Now, Mare spends most of her time working in the united states, the place she is inundated with purchasers.

She says: “I see about four or five individuals a day and cost round £100 for a session.  occasionally i will have séx with a husband in entrance of his spouse, to indicate them both how to be more sensitive lovers. steadily, couples find simply talking overtly to a stranger in regards to the issues in their love life helps within the bed room.”

despite the fact that she is happy with her job, she nonetheless finds it tough to tell family and friends about her work. She also does no longer speak about it with any attainable boyfriends.

She says: “I frequently inform them i am a yoga teacher, until I belief them enough. Some can’t take care of it and run a mile, whereas others simply find it interesting and are impressed.  a few trusted pals understand what I do but my household can be horrified to hear about my day by day life.  As part of my work, I often do sexual surrogacy tours, traveling the world, serving to people with their most intimate issues.  The last time I was in London I saw 30 purchasers, some who had booked me months upfront.  It’s wonderful how many people within the UK desperately need assist with their sex lives, but don’t know the place to show.  there are various intercourse surrogates in the united states but they are extremely rare within the UK.

“People need to keep in mind that intimate intercourse now and again must be discovered. It does not come naturally to a few people.  The stress of brand new existence can result in issues and it’s my job to fix that.  in view that I began surrogacy work, I’ve viewed greater than 10,000 purchasers and estimate that I’ve had penetrative sex with round 1,500 males. I proceed to look shoppers weekly.  “Witnessing the women and men I lend a hand make enormous improvements and really feel confident about their bodies is wonderful.

“Within the two decades I’ve been doing this job, I’ve never felt miserable about going to work. i like what I do and don’t have any plans to retire throughout the next ten years.

“I’m a sexual healer and so proud and satisfied that i discovered my dream job.”