Couple Trapped In Sex Position


A couple experimenting with a sexual position from the Kama Sutra was once rushed to sanatorium after they was stuck to each other.

Couple Trapped In Sex Position

Valentina Sokolov, age fifty one, had been given a copy of the traditional séx e-book for her fiftieth birthday. She and husband Ivan, age 56, decided to get kinky and apply probably the most positions. They aimed for the celebs and chose the Indrani or “deck chair” place. This sophisticated place includes “the woman drawing up her knees so her toes are jammed underneath her associate’s armpits.”

Things were going great for the couple until Valentina started to climax, triggering a muscle spasm that trapped Ivan within her. The couple tried unsuccessfully to separate themselves for 2 hours. at last they known as an ambulance.

A medic sent to lend a hand the couple discovered the placement wildly amusing. He stated, “We couldn’t help laughing having a look at them. the two fans, who weren’t younger at all, were in the sort of complicated place!”

The couple used to be taken to the health center where they had been separated. Ivan was so embarrassed he instantly ran out of the sanatorium. Valentina required surgical operation and made a full restoration.