I Hate Bra : Nicki Minaj Lets Flaunts Her Boobs On Ellen Show (Video)


Singer Nicki Minaj participated in the talk show. The Ellen DeGeneres Show and used a rather daring look for the occasion.

The singer went to the attraction with a blouse that left and worsened; Shows part of her breasts, Who was without bra. The presenter, Ellen, took advantage of the situation to play with Nicki, who explained:

I hate wearing bra, do not you?

After the moment of relaxation, Ellen spoke about Nick’s participation as a juror on the American Idol show, and the singer recalled:

You will I had advised that it would be a very difficult task but I just laughed and said that you I did not know what I was talking about, because I was not going to change that for the world. But it was an experience of a lot of learning, honestly.

Just as I did American Idol, I did the Billboard Awards and then I flew to New York to record a movie. I did not even sit down and I thought what I just did?; The kind of thing that happened so fast, and then it’s over.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show will be ” Shown Friday, the 27th, on the American channel NBC.