Female Police Officer Assaulted And Stripped Nude In Public


In line with studies, a female police officer was the day prior to this attacked and nearly stripped naked by way of a dreaded rich man.

Female Police Officer nigeria

The police officer, Inspector Tochukwu Offoegbu was once allegedly on accountability when the the ‘giant man,’ who owns a park in Onitsha, approached her, allegedly telling her that he would facilitate her removing from Onitsha as he did to at least one  Archibong.

She then demanded to understand what she did that would warrant her elimination, so he reportedly slapped her for questioning him. Eyewitness also revealed that his boys allegedly tore the female officer’s uniform, leaving her nearly bare.

‘’She ran for her life into the Police submit to keep away from the peering eyes of the public earlier than the world Commander Benjamin Nwordu requested all of them to return to the area police station, Onitsha.

‘’That man cannot be arrested because ultimate time he slapped the Commissioner of police because of park matters and so the governor closed the park and now, it is an Inspector. I worry,” the eyewitness narrated.

It was alleged that this comparable man slapped the Commissioner of Police last yr.