Nigerian Singer Maheeda : There Maybe Energy Between My Legs


Gospel Singer Caroline Sam popularly known as Maheeda become an orphan at age thirteen and with no one to assist her turned to prostitution.

But in line with her she later gave her existence to Christ and turned to song.

Maheeda said energy come from between her legs

In an interview Maheeda talked about how she struggled to quit prostitution and turning to God for assist.

“…Even after getting married I nonetheless have this urge of going out to satisfy a person. however I felt it must not be so. I’m looking to let people comprehend there’s a spirit in the back of prostitution, if not, why after getting married, I’ve the whole lot, I reside in Lekki, I’m driving a very giant car and my husband gives me no matter I want, so why would I nonetheless really feel like going into prostitution?

There is a spirit in the back of it. I continued prostitution even after getting married. the only thing that modified me used to be being born again and being delivered.”

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