The “Leumbeul” Pornographic Senegalese Dance ….??


Why Senegalese dance they showing off their bodies without shame? The controversy raged for several months in the country of Teranga after the release of videos that the buzz on the internet.

leumbeul dance

On some of them, we see women who dance “Leumbeul” buttocks moving to the rhythm of drums. They do not hesitate to show their most intimate parts. These practices have become a social phenomenon that some consider to be harmful to the image of Senegalese women.

Leumbeul the sensual traditional dance

Video Sabar bou graw , which means in Wolof “indecent dance”, released in March on the internet and recovery since by many community sites, hit the headlines.

The images, which date from 2004, show a combination of “Sabar” organized by women who dance “Leumbeul” so obscene, revealing their private parts. The “Sabar” is part of Senegalese culture. It allows women to come together and enjoy themselves to the sound of drums. But for many, it is no longer just today but dance striptease.

Sabar bou graw von Saparalati

The corruption of this tradition has been strongly criticized, especially in a part of the Senegalese diaspora. “All these videos shock me. As Senegal, I was ashamed by watching. I remember when I was little, our mothers never danced this way! Now copy the Senegalese constantly on the West, where the excesses, “says Abby a Senegalese 27-year-old student in Paris. Others, like Issa, 23, engineer in training, are not of the same opinion. “I think it should not make a story! These girls are free to dance as they see fit.

They do it just for fun, “she says. ‘s “Leumbeul” is now spreading in nightclubs. Competitions are often held.The dancers sometimes paid by tourists, are exhibited almost naked, revealing all their charms. Lamine, a young executive in business, remembers his evenings in night clubs where he says the Senegalese lose all dignity: “The clubs in Senegal, it’s a mess! During my trip in April, I saw girls dancing almost naked, causing men.

All these practices violate the ethics of Senegalese women. They return a negative image of the country. ” phenomenon that spreads among younger adults Seeing dance sometimes obscenely in the contest “sabar” in the street, children do not hesitate to imitate. “I attended last summer at a sabar organized for children in a suburb of Dakar. I was shocked by girls who danced the “Leumbeul” at ground level, with the “Bethio” (a small transparent Spain), swaying in all directions.

Sex appeal in Leumbeul sabar dance

The worst part about it is that they imitate their mothers they see dancing in public. In my day we did not dance that way. It was even unthinkable! Senegalese dance is not what it was, “lamented Mpho, a Senegalese 48 years. Same story in Ouzin, a Senegalese 24 years. “Children should not be exposed to these practices, he says. If I had a daughter I would not tolerate it dance that way!

That women dancing ENTERED them for fun is one thing, but children should not attend these scenes. ” To end these abuses, Seynabou Diop, former dancer of Toure Kunda, decided to create his own school, with the aim to restore nobility to the Senegalese dance. According to her, “What we see today is just the striptease.

We must stop confusing sex and dance. ” This is not the first time that Senegal faces a scandal obscene dances. Video Sabar bou graw echoes “case Ndeye Gueye” in 2007. It showed a video of the same ilk a Senegalese dancer dancing “Leumbeul” almost naked at a party.

The case was completed in court. Three women and five men were charged with contempt of public decency and indecency.