Two Men Caught Red-handed Having Sex In Kiambu


Residents of a village in Kiambu were yesterday shocked after they caught two men having sex in a bush. The two are casual laborers and had allegedly left in the morning claiming to be going to a site to work. However, that was not the case and they headed to a bush to make love.

Two Men Caught Red-handed Having Sex In KiambuAccording to an eye witness who sought anonymity, he was passing the area and sensed something was not right when he heard people murmuring and talking in low tones.

The middle aged man told the media that he tried to listen what the men were saying but heard nothing clear.

He suspected they were robbers planning to attack or dividing money among themselves but on moving closer and peeping through the trees he saw two men having sex. He was shocked and called on other neighbors to confirm what he saw.

They found the two romping and groaning unaware of the crowd looking at them. They were arrested and frog marched to the police with the clothes on their hand.

What a scene!