Selly Releases Names Of Celebs She Has Had Sex With


Selly unveiled the names of celebrities, who had sex with her.

Selly Releases Names Of Celebs She Has Had Sex With

Her title is Selly, a lady of mixed race, who came to reside in Kenya some years back and consistent with her she is a ‘stylish hoe’ who’s retiring.

And to retire in peace, she has decided to show all the celebrities she has had s*x with including gospel artists, courtesy of Nairobi uncovered.

Below is a part of the expose:

Threesome or I’m considering fallacious?

Selly: just pondering proper *laughs* in any case that used to be only a by the way, oh earlier than I disregard, closing years groove awards tour in Mombasa,no more small print but ask M.O.G and Jimmy Gait about Selly then you definitely wont even need to point out the remaining if the story,they recognize.

NE: I’m imagining so am no longer gonna ask about it. Would you mind telling about how their efficiency rated although not all but the when you needless to say, I’m sure people may wanna know.

Selly: *hysterical giggles* oh no you didn’t ask that,in any case since you probably did, I’m answer you,one individual that sticks to my thoughts is Abass oh my the man is tall no longer best in heights but length and width too,gals language you shouldn’t be aware,then Collo,he is brief but long ,OJ he does now not simplest discuss fast,he’s quick somewhere else too lets not dwell on them a lot however I enjoyed each second with them,oh no I acquired to say rabbit too,wonderful. *laughs* subsequent question.

NE: so slumbering with them was once safety a part of the sport coz you understand the generation we residing in. did they use and your self you know your HIV status, I’m sorry however had to ask.

Selly: in truth conversing I used but not the entire times and again a few of them didn’t thoughts, the one thing I by no means wished is pregnancy so had ma drugs always but hizo no, although at one point i had to be treated for an STI at Karen clinic but healthwise I’m ok, haven’t had any problems, HIV status? No haven’t examined in like perpetually, I all the time consider its higher now not understanding than understanding, so I’m this way,don’t wanna be stressed. will we get to every other question please am no longer ok with this.

NE: k no drawback. One final query,are you continue to in it,how dies it make you are feeling about yourself and now that you’ve let the cat out how do you’re feeling.

Selly: the questions are many however I’ll attempt to solution them all. I think haven’t completed anything fallacious,I feel good about myself, I believe extra attractive. via finding out to method you guys to show my story was a technique if bidding bye to the game I’m finished with it,I go away it now ti the likes of Pendo, Vee and the rest whom you name socialites, its time to calm down now,get a husband and marry and have many kids. I’ve been lonely considering the fact that I made up our minds ti name it quits,all my friends went but I’m feeling better the load is off New York chest. Please don’t give out my quantity,it’s the new one I’m the usage of I had already dumped my famous outdated quantity. can I fall asleep now? That’s enough for nowadays,next time I’ll provide the females we dud toi.

listed below are the names:

Collo, Abass, Rabbit, M.O.G, Jimmy Gait, Oj, Johny(tahidi), Fred Omondi, Jalango, DJ Mo, Alemba, Ulopa, Redsan, Juacali, Jaguar, Pili pili, Bon eye, DJ kinds, DJ Kalonje, Kenrazy, P.Adams, Ian Mugoya, Baba Shiro, Gmoney, large Pin, Prezzo, Cannibal.