Pastor Busted Having Sex With Followers For Healing


Pastor BUSTED having sex with followers for therapeutic. classic 105’s CIKU MUIRURI

Pastor Busted Having Sex With Followers For HealingIn one in every of her many busted episodes, basic one zero five’s Ciku Muiruri exposed a pretend pastor on air who has been having forced intercourse along with his followers to remove their curse.

Ciku as overall received a call from a woman who alleged that the pastor had fooled her to sleeping along with her for 365 days all within the name of removing demons and in a move to expose him Ciku pretended to be barren and wanted assist.

The pastor fell for the trap and instructed her no doctor can heal her and the only remedy can be just slumbering with him.

This have to be the very best busted she has ever done…..take heed to it under: