Man Catches Wife In Bed With Another Man In Kericho


Man catches wife in bed with any other man in KerichoIt was the proverbial 40th day for a woman in Kericho after she was caught red handed by her husband having sex with another man.
The woman had the habit of sneaking from her home to the man’s home which was a few meters away and after the romping, she would come back to her husband.

The husband became suspicious after rumors went round that his wife was seeing another man. Apparently, she had been lying to her husband that the man had employed her to work at his farm, a lie that he bought.

On the material day, he wanted to confirm the allegations and pretended to have gone to work only to return unexpectedly. He hid at the man’s farm and saw her wife entering the house. He waited assuming that she would come out and work at the farm but that was not the case.
After taking long to come out, he decided to storm the house only to find the two romping and enjoying in each other’s arms.

Confused and shocked, the woman remained stuck in the bed while the man thought of an action plan. Being strong, he wrestled the woman’s husband and managed to escape outside but naked.
At the moment a huge crowd had gathered outside the house after being attracted by the commotion. They were surprised to see the man running outside naked and headed to the nearby river where he swam to the other side.

The husband breathing fire descended on the wife hacking her with the machete he was carrying before disappearing too.

The woman was admitted at a Kericho Hospital in critical condition while the police pursued the two men.