Yoruba Woman Raped (Video)

Yoruba lady Raped
it’s about 18 months now after a video showing the rape of a young lady through five students, allegedly of the Abia State university (ABSU), went viral and sparked outrage throughout the u . s ..
We received but every other traumatic video, which apparently presentations a young woman being violated by way of a man in the presence of at least two others who left out her plea for mercy and endured to trample on her dignity without regret…
The suspect in the video clip spoke in Yoruba, is mild skinned and roughly 5feet 8inches tall.
We can not straight away confirm the id of the folks involved, the location, or its starting place, but it’s clear that a young lady is being raped and this can’t be condoned or regularly occurring because the norm in any society.
who knows him will identify him and get him arrested. Animals like this must be locked