Names Of Students And UDSM Walionaswa Wakijiuza Cbe (harlots)


Female students at the University of Dar es salaam [UDSM], College of Business [CBE] and university authorities of education and vocational [VETA], Dar es Salaam, have appeared in the court of city Samora accused of business sale their bodies.

udsm female prostitute

Defendants arrested in the area of the corner Baa Ambiance Sinza Kinondoni district who is among 35 women who allegedly do business and all were referred to the court.

University of Dar es salaam female student allegedly of sex sale

The trial judge was under Willian Mtaki where prosecution to be continued, Mr John Delegates said the two girls were arrested in differing environments.

The students are Yasinta Agriculture CBE 21-year-old resident of the sword, Morin Masatu UDSM 19 years, a resident of Kinondoni and student VETA was known by one name Khadija.

Prostitution in Dar es salaam University

“I went there to take my phone which bars disappeared so they called me, I take the city where the soldiers were seized,” said Khadija in his defense.

According to BW. They have missed a messenger defendants bail after failing to fulfill the terms of each have two sponsors or pay a fine to pay sh. 200,000.

The trial is expected to resume on May 28 this year, where all the defendants were sent Segerea.

Meanwhile, an army of Kinondoni Regional Police, limewakamata 716 suspects who were involved in the business of selling their bodies among 38 men and 678 women.

Speaking to journalists yesterday, the Regional Police Commander Charles Kenyela Kinondoni police said the men were arrested in the raid, which lasted for six months in various parts of Kinondoni.

These places are bars, halls, brothels, open part of the shore of the Indian Ocean, and the graveyard where among other arrested men are gay with clients machagudoa.

“The personalized held Life Club, Coco Beach, Road to Tunisia, Travertine Hotel, Tandale Stadium Fisi, Ambiance Club, Shekilango with Mwinanyamala” said

Commander Kenyela added that the army also limewakamata 12 civilians from Ethiopia who entered the country without a permit between May 2 and 6, this year in the area of Kimara End and Tegeta Kibaoni.

He said their arrest was due to reports that they had acquired from good citizens who saw areas.