Two Teenagers Rape 15-year-old Girl And Recorded It


Two teenagers Raped 15-yr-old girl and Recorded It. A video has long past viral on the Awodi-Ora property area of Ajegunle, Lagos State.

It’s the video of two known teenage boys raping a woman additionally recognized in the house. Residents of Awodi-Ora property and its environs woke up to the mysterious circulation of the porn like film, exhibiting the sexual escapade of the boys within the area with the teenage woman.

Two teenagers Raped minor GirlThe movie is the rape of 15-yr-old Hannah. The boys, whose names are but unknown, are also said to be secondary school boys. Hannah unless the incident, resides at Dada Onijoma street and in addition attended Rebecca Secondary college in Ajegunle, a suburb of Lagos State.

Hannah was raped by way of the 2 boys after she was lured into a hotel by using certainly one of them. It was once gathered that as each took flip at her, the other used his camera phone to filmed the video.

Within the video, Hannah seemed unwell and about to cry. She again and again saved spitting each and every time one of them pressured her to take their manhood in her mouth. The boys laughed time and again, even discussing that they paid N2,000 for the lodge. It was once gathered that Hannah, who is from a damaged house, had been wooed by one of the boys.

However instead of Hannah to go away the boy and turn down his request out rightly, she made up our minds to maintain the boy to meet her monetary needs. A supply, who resides in the property and pleaded for anonymity, said: “The boy who notion throwing money at Hannah and shopping for recharge cards would draw her nearer to him, was once disappointed when he heard from his pals that Hannah had been making a fool of him among her pals in the area, calling him his ‘mugu’. ‘Mugu’ in native parlance manner a idiot.”

Hannah, who endured together with her video games with the boy, then again, was once now not conscious that the boy had been planning to get even together with her. When she eventually demanded for N6,000 from the boy, he had promised to offer her the money. He on the other hand requested her to come back to a joint in the area to gather the money.

It was once gathered that while at the bar, which additionally served as a resort, the boy, who used to be already on the joint together with his pal, booked a room in the lodge. He advised Hannah to observe him to the room to gather the N6,000.

On attending to the room, Hannah noticed the bitter facet of the younger man as he and his buddy pounced on her, taking turns to forcefully have sex together with her. She used to be on the other hand devastated when the video used to be being circulated among her friends within the space.

It was once gathered that Hannah, who had tried so much to hide the rape from her folks, especially her mom whom she stays with, needed to divulge heart’s contents to her mom who alerted Hannah’s estranged father.
Hannah’s father was once mentioned to have abandoned her mum and moved in with a younger girl. because of the incident, Hannah was once right away relocated to Ghana. The subject was once pronounced to the police and each boys picked up.

Police are then again still investigating.