Kelly Khumalo Shows Off Her Vagina While Perform On Stage


Kelly Khumalo shows off her vagina during perform on stage

Kelly Khumalo displays off her vigina whereas operate on stage 1

On that make a decision who we’re and how a lot people we’re susceptible to develop into!

It is things like these or at least acts like these that make some women wish they were not born women irrespective or one being against God’s plans and creation or not!

A friend of mine through Facebook sent me this picture and wrote: “Yep the secret is out, Kelly Khumalo does not wear bolumara le ena.” In fact, he put it on my wall!

This means that even Kelly doesn’t put on some undies or even a G-string as most of her equals or even those younger than her would.

kelly kumalo no panty on stage
kelly kumalo no panty on stage

This is not an insult to any women or female but a disgusted man talking here!

Women of South Africa need to wake up, if they are asleep, and talk about these things that not only affect them now but are likely to affect the future of their children too.

Kelly kumalo wear no panty on stage

Kelly is SA’s most recognized and loved Kwaito artist, with a great voice, good dance moves but with a mad “taste” of clothing, especially the kind that she’s revealed in this picture.

kelly kumalo flashed pussy on stage

What have we become? Have we lost our senses and dignity long before we even knew we had lost it?

Where are we heading to and do we really know where we are going if can hardly tell where we are?
Somebody else needs to say something!

This is not an attack on any women – but just a concern of what kind of a parent, sister, aunt, and grandma you are and likely to become!

Get a grip!

Just grown up please especially when it comes to what you put or not put on like Kelly just did!

Your clothes or clothes not, just say a lot about you. Just so you know – sometimes it’s the clothes that we put on that determine who we are and what kind of people we are likely to become!


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